Rockstar Momma & Designer

I've always been told that you should do what you love because if you do, then you'll never work a day in your life. True story. And so began the journey...
Amber Rockstar was a name I was given back when I was just out of college and worked around the clock trying to establish myself as a designer. A rockstar ... someone who puts it all out there-: effort, talent, hustling, always doing their best to get a job done. Then the name just stuck and I have carried it over to my design and decal business.

My Etsy shop started back when I got pregnant in early 2013. I was trying to make some extra income aside from my freelance graphic design jobs. I fell in love with creating and cutting custom designed decals for customers. I have been rocking it ever since. As of 2021, my step-daughter has stepped up and does most of the cutting and packaging leaving me to work solely on design. We make a great team and I couldn't run this business without her!

I will make sure you are satisfied as I believe that great customer service not only is speaks volumes about the brand, but also brings new business along with maintaining current.

Once a struggling single mom of one (and a super helpful older step-daughter), I have since added 2 more bonus children by combing families with my boyfriend. There isn’t a thing in this world I wouldn’t do for them. They are my world. Every bit of support goes to making sure our children have the best life and I thank you for helping be a part of that.